Learning to work online

Study when and where it suits you
at a pace you’re comfortable with

Our courses are a simulation working on practical problems.

Simulators are as close to life as possible and are built on the principle: first practice, then theory.

You’ll be solving assignments,
and then get a theory tailored to the answers.

+ chat support, where there are already 756 learners and sorting out all the issues

It's cheaper all together
at 50% off!

5 courses at a nice price!
Bash course as a gift!

  • From 0 to Linux Admin
  • From Linux Admin to DevOPS
  • Python from zero to PRO from Pyth.club
  • VPN and TCP/IP networks

+ Bash scripting as a gift

Ask other students in the chat room

More than 3,000 people are already enrolled in our courses

Real Course Reviews

Educate yourself
with a chatbot

Start learning at any time

Practice first, then learn the theory

Chat with other students in a chat room

Increase your
1.5 to 2 times salary
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