Systems Administrator Salary Research

I made a research on to understand who has the greatest salary among System Administrators

I compared Sysadmins and Devops. Linux and Windows administrators.
What did I find? is a great service where you can see the average salary for any job.
But that's not all. You can enter the city and your work experience and see how much you will earn there.
Interesting, isn't it?
Now let's look at the distribution of salaries in the field of networking...
Let's see the difference between Windows Server admins and Linux admins
The system administrator can specialize:
1) Windows Server
2) Linux
3) DevOPS. The one who helps software developers to deploy and support the development process. Automate everything you need so that the developers do not "steam".
Windows Server Admin Salaries
$27.64/hour. Not bad, right?
But we want more...
Linux System Administrator Salaries
Now let's change our skills and location and see.
For example, we would like to know an hourly salary for a beginner in Linux Administration in NY...
Here's what we got:
W´╗┐hat about devops engineers?
The numbers speak for themselves.
There is an overabundance of Windows server administrators and the salary is far not satisfying.

There are enough of Linux administrators and even as a beginner in this field you can earn good money. From $57,786 to $70,000 a year

There are absolutely lack of DevOPS in the field of Networking. The average salaries are about $94,214 - $120,000

So what?
I believe that you need to learn to become DevOPS.

We launched a simulator game where you do real tasks in part # 1 and pump from Windows to the Linux admin and in part # 2 of the Linux admin to DevOPS

Try the free block from Windows admin to Linux admin

This is a game as if you were hired by a trainee Sysadmin and taught from 0 on Linux to DevOPS. Tasks are close to real. You can play at any time at the pace that is convenient for you. Jobs are checked automatically. You will configure real Linux-based routers, raise web servers on Nginx, configure DNS servers, automate deployment on Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetics, run automatic tests.

Try the game simulator from 0 to DevOPS