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Ansible for the Absolute Beginners Course
Ansible for the Absolute Beginners Course on practice.
Theory + practice.
Ansible course is learning
in the form of a game
Chat support, where there are already 756 students and analysis of all questions
Learning principle -
first practice, then theory
The aim of the course is to increase
your income in 1.5-2 times
The aim of the courses is
to increase your income


  • Introduction
  • Ansible Introduction
  • Demo: Setup Ansible Local Environment – Using VirtualBox
  • Demo: Install Ansible
  • Lab Setup – Troubleshooting Tips
  • Understanding YAML
  • Labs – YAML
  • Course Resources
Ansible Concepts
  • Ansible Inventory
  • Lab – Inventory
  • Ansible Playbooks
  • Lab – Playbooks
  • Ansible Modules
  • Lab – Modules
  • Ansible Variables
  • Lab – Variables
Conditionals, Loops & Roles
  • Ansible Conditionals
  • Lab – Conditionals
  • Ansible Loops
  • Lab – Loops
  • Ansible Roles
Advanced Topics
  • Advanced Topics
Ansible is a radically simple IT automation platform that makes your applications and systems easier to deploy.
Ansible for the Absolute Beginners
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