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Istio Service Mesh
Istio Service Mesh on practice.
Theory + practice.
Istio course is learning
in the form of a game
Chat support, where there are already 756 students and analysis of all questions
Learning principle -
first practice, then theory
The aim of the course is to increase
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The aim of the courses is
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  • Course Introduction
Istio Introduction
  • Section Introduction
  • Monoliths & Microservices
  • Service Mesh
  • Istio
  • Installing Istio – Introduction
  • Installing Istioctl
  • Installing Istio on Your Cluster
  • Lab: Installing Istio on Your Cluster
  • Deploying Our First Application on Istio
  • Demo: Deploying Our First Application on Istio
  • Lab: Deploying Our First Application on Istio
  • Visualizing Service Mesh with Kiali
  • Demo: Installing Kiali
  • Demo: Create Traffic Into Your Mesh
  • Lab: Istio Kiali
  • Kubernetes Services
  • Sidecars
  • Envoy
  • Course Resources
Traffic Management
  • Section Introduction
  • Gateways
  • Virtual Services
  • Destination Rules
  • Demo: Gateways
  • Demo: Virtual Services
  • Lab: Virtual Services
  • Demo: Destination Rules
  • Lab: Destination Rules
  • Fault Injection
  • Demo: Fault Injection
  • Timeouts
  • Demo: Timeouts
  • Lab: Fault Injection Timeouts
  • Retries
  • Circuit Breaking
  • Demo: Circuit Breaking
  • A/B Testing 
  • Section Introduction
  • Security in Istio
  • Istio Security Architecture
  • Authentication
  • Demo: Authentication
  • Authorization
  • Demo: Authorization
  • Certificate Management
  • Demo: Certificate Management
  • Lab: Istio Security Architecture
  • Section Introduction
  • Visualizing Metrics with Prometheus and Grafana
  • Demo: Visualizing Metrics with Prometheus and Grafana
  • Distributed Tracing with Jaeger
  • Demo: Distributed Tracing with Jaeger
  • Lab: Observability Lab
  • Demo: Kiali in Detail
  • A Quick Note on Service Mesh Interface
Istio is an open-source service mesh that lets you connect, monitor, and secure microservices deployed on-premise, in the cloud, or with orchestration platforms like Kubernetes and Mesos.
Istio Service Mesh
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