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Jenkins on practice.
Theory + practice.
Jenkins course is learning
in the form of a game
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Learning principle -
first practice, then theory
The aim of the course is to increase
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The aim of the courses is
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Course Introduction
Application Details
Working with the Application
Lab: Get Familiar with the Application
Course Resources
  • What is CICD
  • Why Jenkins
  • Jenkins Getting Started 
Installing Jenkins
  • Installing Jenkins
  • Install Jenkins on a VM
  • Lab: Install Jenkins on a VM
  • Jenkins CLI
  • Using Jenkins CLI
  • Lab: Jenkins CLI
Jenkins Plugins and Integrations
  • What are plugins
  • Searching through plugins
  • Installing a Plugin
  • Restarting Jenkins For Plugins That Require Restarts
  • Jenkins Steps and Plugin
  • Lab: Managing a plugin (updates, deleting, etc)
  • Lab: Jenkins CLI plugin management
Exploring the Jenkins UI
  • Jenkins Visuals
  • Signing in and seeing the visuals
  • Managing users and teams
  • Managing the system and credentials
  • Lab: Managing users and permissions
  • Build history and CICD visuals
  • Lab: Global tool configurations
Systems Administration with Jenkins
  • Administering Jenkins
  • Backup and restoring Jenkins
  • Backup Jenkins
  • Restore Jenkins
  • Lab: Backup and Restore Jenkins
  • Monitoring Jenkins
  • Prometheus
  • Lab: Monitoring Jenkins
  • What is a Jenkins file
  • Build a Jenkins file
  • Run a Sample Pipeline
  • Build a Multistage Pipeline
  • Build a CI Pipeline
  • Building a CD Pipeline
  • Full pipeline deployment
  • Lab: Building a CD Pipeline
Build Agents
  • What are Build Agents
  • Using an Ubuntu Server as a Build Agent
  • Using the New Build Agent for a CICD Pipeline
  • Lab: Using other Servers as a Build Agent
  • Using Container Build Agents
Blue Ocean
  • What is Blue Ocean
  • Installing Blue Ocean
  • Creating a Pipeline
  • BlueOcean Dashboard
  • Lab: Seeing a Pipelines Outout and Activity
Securing Jenkins

  • Jenkins Security
  • Managing and enabling security
  • Lab: Controller Isolation
  • Access Control for Builds
  • Security Pipeline Matrix 
  • Lab: Deploying with Multi Stage Pipeline
Jenkins is one of the most popular tools used worldwide for continuous integration and continuous delivery.
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