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The Linux Basics Course
Linux basics course on practice.
Theory + practice.

Linux Basics course is learning
in the form of a game
Chat support, where there are already 756 students and analysis of all questions
Learning principle -
first practice, then theory
The aim of the course is to increase
your income in 1.5-2 times
The aim of the courses is
to increase your income


Working with Shell - I
  • Introduction to Shell
  • Multiple Choice Quiz – Introduction to Shell
  • Basic Linux Commands
  • Command-line Help
  • Lab Introduction
  • Download Course Resources
  • Lab: Working with the Shell
  • Bash Shell
  • Lab: Linux Bash Prompt
Linux Core Concepts
  • Linux Kernel
  • Working with Hardware
  • Lab: Linux Kernel
  • Linux Boot Sequence
  • Runlevels
  • Article: Runlevels
  • File Types
  • Filesystem Hierarchy
  • Lab: Linux kernel Modules Boot and Filetypes
Package Management
  • Package Management Introduction
  • RPM and YUM
  • Lab: YUM and RPM
  • DPKG and APT
  • APT vs APT-GET
  • Lab – DPKG and APT
Working with Shell – II
  • Behind Schedule!
  • File Compression and Archival
  • Searching for Files and Patterns
  • IO Redirection
  • Lab: Working with Shell II
  • VI Editor
  • Lab – VI Editor

  • The network Issue
  • DNS
  • Lab: DNS
  • Networking Basics
  • Lab: Network basics
  • Troubleshooting
Security and File Permissions

  • Security Incident
  • Linux Accounts
  • User Management
  • Access Control Files
  • Lab: Account Management
  • File Permissions and Ownership
  • Lab: Permissions and Ownership
  • SSH and SCP
  • Lab: SSH and SCP
  • IPTABLES Introduction
  • IPTABLES – Securing the Environment
  • Lab – IPTABLES
  • Cronjobs
  • Lab: Cronjob
Service management with SYSTEMD

  • Working Overtime
  • Creating a SYSTEMD Service
  • SYSTEMD Tools
  • Lab: systemd services
Storage in Linux

  • Where is my storage?
  • Disk Partitions
  • Lab – Partitions
  • File Systems in Linux
  • Lab – Filesystems
  • DAS NAS and SAN
  • NFS Filesystem
  • LVM
  • Lab: LVM
  • Project Status Meeting (story)
The Client Demonstration
  • Client Demonstration in Jeopardy! (story)
  • Lab – Troubleshoot the Development Environment
  • Finale
Learn how to solve most popular issues while working in the Linux CLI, installing and configuring software.
Linux Basics
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