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Terraform for Beginners
Terraform for Beginners on practice.
Theory + practice.
Terraform course is learning
in the form of a game
Chat support, where there are already 756 students and analysis of all questions
Learning principle -
first practice, then theory
The aim of the course is to increase
your income in 1.5-2 times
The aim of the courses is
to increase your income


Introduction to Infrastructure as Code
  • Challenges with Traditional IT Infrastructure
  • Types of IAC Tools
  • Why Terraform?
Getting Started with Terraform
  • Installing Terraform
  • HashiCorp Configuraton Language (HCL) Basics
  • Update and Destroy Infrastructure
  • Lab Intro
  • Lab: HCL Basics
Terraform Basics
  • Using Terraform Providers
  • Configuration Directory
  • Lab: Terraform Providers
  • Multiple Providers
  • Lab: Multiple Providers
  • Using Input Variables
  • Understanding the Variable Block
  • Lab: Variables
  • Using Variables in Terraform
  • Lab: Using Variables in terraform
  • Resource Attributes
  • Lab: Resource Attributes
  • Resource Dependencies
  • Lab: Resource Dependencies
  • Output Variables
  • Lab: Output Variables
Terraform State
  • Introduction to Terraform State
  • Purpose of State
  • Lab: terraform State
  • Terraform State Considerations
Working with Terraform
  • Terraform Commands
  • Lab: Terraform Commands
  • Mutable vs Immutable Infrastructure
  • LifeCycle Rules
  • Lab: Lifecycle Rules
  • Datasources
  • Lab: Datasources
  • Meta-Arguments
  • Count
  • for-each
  • Lab: Count and for each
  • Version Constraints
  • Lab: Version Constraints
Terraform with AWS
  • Getting Started with AWS
  • Demo Setup an AWS Account
  • Introduction to IAM
  • Demo IAM
  • Programmatic Access
  • Lab: AWS CLI and IAM
  • AWS IAM with Terraform
  • IAM Policies with Terraform
  • Lab: IAM with Terraform
  • Introduction to AWS S3
  • S3 with Terraform
  • Lab: S3
  • Introduction to DynamoDB
  • Demo Dynamodb
  • DynamoDB with Terraform
  • Lab: DynamoDB
Remote State
  • What is Remote State and State Locking?
  • Remote Backends with S3
  • Lab: Remote State
  • Terraform State Commands
  • Lab: Terraform State Commands
Terraform Provisioners
  • Introduction to AWS EC2 (optional)
  • Demo: Deploying an EC2 Instance (optional)
  • AWS EC2 with Terraform
  • Terraform Provisioners
  • Provisioner Behaviour
  • Lab: AWS EC2 and Provisioners
  • Considerations with Provisioners
Terraform Import, Tainting Resources and Deubugging
  • Terraform Taint
  • Debugging
  • Lab: Taint and Debugging
  • Terraform Import
  • Lab: Terraform Import
Terraform Modules

  • What are modules?
  • Creating and Using a Module
  • Using Modules from the Registry
  • Lab: Terraform Modules
Terraform Functions and Conditional Expressions
  • More Terraform Functions
  • Conditional Expressions
  • Lab: Functions and Conditional Expressions
  • Terraform Workspaces (OSS)
  • Lab: terraform Workspaces
We will get started with Terraform, but first we will take a look at Infrastructure as a code or IaC.
Terraform for Beginners
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